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User testing


No vague reports

No vague results

Concrete & actionable

What we mean

We mean that a user test should end in concrete and profitable results. It is this principle that we've built our testing model up around. A user test from Netec creates concrete results that are specialized for your product and your users.

No matter if you're looking for conversion optimization, UX testing or something completely different form of testing, our model has been created for you. We create concrete and visual improvement suggestions which you, quickly and effectively, can implement into your product.

Your product

A specialized solution for you. No matter if your product is a webshop, an app or a web platform.

Your users

Our user tests are specialized for your brand and your users. Two customer groups have two different user experiences.

Your results

See the results directly on top of your product. Sort through the errors seriousness, type and character. It's your results.

What you receive

Clear and actionable results


Visual improvement suggestions

You receive access to our web platform. In this web platform, you can see what needs fixing on each of your product's pages. The platform is designed so that you may, quickly and effectively, create an overview over each of the individual bugs. This gives you a direct route to improve your product's UX, design, usability and conversion rate.


Statistical overview

Through our web platform, you'll receive an overview of how well your product is doing when compared to the rest of the market. You'll be able to sort through the results and get information about how, for instance, men and women perceive your web platform, webshop or app differently.

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